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Colocasia Pharaoh's Mask

Colocasia Pharaoh's Mask

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Colocasia 'Pharaoh's Mask' is a unique and eye-catching cultivar of the Colocasia plant, also known as 'elephant ear' or 'taro.' This particular variety is highly sought after for its striking foliage, which exhibits a mesmerising blend of colours and patterns.

The leaves of Colocasia 'Pharaoh's Mask' are the main highlight of the plant. They are typically large, heart-shaped with a deep purple to black colouration. What sets this cultivar apart are the intricate patterns that resemble masks, which can vary in shades of green, cream or yellow. These patterns often appear in striking contrast against the dark backdrop of the leaves, creating a visually stunning display.

When grown outdoors in the right conditions, Colocasia 'Pharaoh's Mask' can reach an impressive height and spread, adding drama and tropical elegance to garden beds, borders or water features. In warmer climates, it can also be cultivated as a perennial plant. However, in cooler regions, it is often grown as an annual or as a container plant that can be brought indoors during the winter months.

Black nursery pot. Cover pot not included.

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Is this plant safe for pets?

All Alocasia are toxic to pets and humans. Keep away from children and animals.


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