How To Take Care Of Your Anthurium

How To Take Care Of Your Anthurium

Originating from the Caribbean and South America, there are over 1000 species of Anthurium. Often grown for their striking ‘flowers,’ they are also referred to as  ‘Flamingo Flower,’ but at The Green Grower we specialise in species and cultivars kept for their stunning foliage, characterised by their deep green velvet heart-shaped leaves with contrasting veining. 

How much light does your Anthurium need?

Anthurium such as the Anthurium Magnificum X Crystallinum may exhibit a terrestrial or epiphytic growth habit depending on species and generally can tolerate lower light levels than other tropical plants as they will often grow on a host well below the canopy where strong sunlight doesn’t reach.

We recommend ensuring they are kept in bright but indirect conditions as direct sunlight may burn the leaves. 

What type of soil does your Anthurium need?

Anthuriums can grow in rich organic humus. Their potting mix should contain more drainage materials such as orchid bark chips, perlite, coarse sand and pumice. The soil can be let dry out a little, especially in the colder months, but will need adequate moisture at other times.

What temperature is best for your Anthurium?

They love warmth! A range of 18-30 c is ideal but they can easily adapt to our New Zealand variables, although in cooler regions in winter, make sure they are not left too long in colder rooms or without some exposure to filtered sunlight.

Humidity is important to some species, so small trays with pebbles and water and ‘grouping’ plants will increase the humidity surrounding them. Please read our specific care instructions on the individual Anthurium you are purchasing as they range from beginner plants to some requiring more advanced care.

How much water does your Anthurium need?

Water weekly, but they can be let to dry out between watering. In Summer, check soil dryness by the touch test. If too thirsty, the leaves will drop.

What's the best fertilizer for your Anthurium?

We recommend a good quality liquid fertiliser diluted at half strength during every watering in the growing season, then easing off during the Winter months.

General Care Tips for your Anthurium

Our Anthurium potting blend is based on a ratio of 40% Orchid bark then equal  20% parts Coco coir, coarse pumice and activated charcoal. Roots sometimes grow from the stems; these are simply aerial roots that would benefit from occasional misting and provide propagation points if you wish to divide your plant.

They enjoy an occasional ‘sauna session’ in a steamy bathroom too! Pest attacks are minimal although watch for spider and broad mite. These can be treated as part of your plant pest maintenance regime but avoid heavy oil insecticides on new leaves. 

The Green Grower's Rating of Anthurium.

As a houseplant or in the work environment, they range from easy to challenging plants. Please see our individual species care guides to be guided to the right one for you.

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