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How To Take Care Of Your Begonia

Most people are familiar with the range of brightly coloured flowers found in Begonia bordering gardens or hanging from baskets. A genus of perennial flowering plants with more than 2000 species, they are native to moist sub and sub-tropical regions.

The Green Grower regularly has in stock Begonia Silver Jewel and Begonia Soli Mutata. Both are quite stunning with their heart-shaped textured (almost like goosebumps!) leaves in dark green with silver or lime green veins. Both appear to have a velvet shine too, which is simply a fine hair covering over the leaves.

They look vibrant as a houseplant indoors and in warmer areas, outside, can make a really attractive display in a shady-bright sunlit, sheltered spot.

How much light does your Begonia need?

Low to bright indirect sunlight is best. Another name for B. Soli Mutata is ‘Sun-changing’ Begonia. The leaves can change colour depending on the light intensity! The more light, the more its dark green leaves with lime green veins can turn red.

What type of soil does your Begonia need?

Free-draining, rich in organic material is best. Ensure they are kept in a position with good air circulation to avoid powdery mildew.

What temperature is best for your Begonia?

Like most houseplants, they enjoy a warm, humid environment, so a range of 12-30C is ideal. If you have Begonias potted or in baskets outside, it is best to bring them indoors to avoid frosts or cold winter temperatures.



How much water does your Begonia need?

Ensure that you water the surrounding soil slowly so that it can filter down to the roots and try to avoid getting it over the leaves as this will spoil their appearance and could lead to powdery mildew.

It is even a good idea to pour water into the saucer in which the pot stands, rather than water the actual plant at the topsoil. As with any Begonias, or indeed, all houseplants, be particularly vigilant that you don’t over-water your plants.

What is the best fertiliser for your Begonia?

Liquid feed about every 3 weeks from early Spring until the end of Autumn. A fertiliser higher in nitrogen will enhance the foliage.

General Care Tips for your Begonia.

‘Silver Jewel,’ with its metallic silver leaves adorned with dark green radiating marks and B. Soli Mutata with its ability to change colour according to the intensity of the light, will both retain their vibrant, velvety-sheened, textured leaves with consistent good care in terms of feeding, watering, light and temperature.

They don’t need pruning the way some houseplants do. Watch out for the usual pests (liquid copper spray against mildew) and Neem oil for mealy bugs etc.

The Green Grower’s Rating of Begonia.

Superb in any plant collection and no one plant looks the same. They contain oxalic acid, so be careful with children and pets.



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