How To Take Care Of Your Epipremnum

How To Take Care Of Your Epipremnum

A genus of evergreen, perennial vines that climb with the aid of aerial roots. Found well dispersed and diverse from China, SE Asia, Australia and some western Pacific islands, they are ideal in hanging baskets, can be staked to grow up or even trailed to grow sideways.

The Green Grower regularly stocks Epipremnum Pinnatum (Dragon-tail plant or Silver vine) along with its attractive variegated form and the beautiful Epipremnum Cebu blue. With their big glossy, fenestrated leaves, they will enhance any houseplant collection. Young, immature plants with their straight almost oval leaves, can look quite different from the adult.

How much light does your Epipremnum need?

Bright but indirect sun is the key, so choose an area that receives a good amount of light. Be careful that direct sun in Summer does not reach your plant as it will scorch the leaves and dry out the soil very quickly.

What type of soil does your Epipremnum need?

Prefers slightly acidic and plenty of organic matter applied to its potting mix. Since they like aerated, chunky soil to assist drainage, try coco coir or fibre or even orchid bark or shredded bark.

What sort of temperature is best for your Epipremnum?

They don’t like it too cold, so a range 12-27C is best. Being a tropical vine, Epipremnum like humidity (around 50% is ideal) so be careful in winter if you have a heatpump as it will certainly dry out the humidity in the room. Assist this with some dishes of water placed in close proximity.

How much water does your Epipremnum need?

As with all houseplants, test the top soil layer to a depth of an inch or two; if it’s dry, give it a good watering. Do not let your Epipremnum sit in water (good drainage holes essential) and remember, in the non-growing season of Winter, very little watering will be needed.

What is the best fertiliser for your Epipremnum?

Epipremnum do not need a lot of regular fertilising.  A half-strength, liquid, water-soluble fertiliser every fortnight or so in Spring and Summer is fine, with probably once every 6 weeks in Autumn and Winter quite sufficient.

General Care Tips for your Epipremnum.

Like most vines, Epipremnum can grow quite quickly, so re-potting in a bigger pot will be necessary every two years or so. Ease the roots carefully into the newly prepared potting mix and water thoroughly.

Fairly resistant to most diseases, pest threats such as mealy bugs and spider mite can be dealt to with Neem oil or an insecticidal soap or by wiping the affected areas with a vinegar-water mix.

The Green Grower’s Rating of Epipremnum.

Because they are relatively non-fussy and easy care, they are ideal for any houseplant situation and with their vining ability to grow up or trail (according to how you want to ‘train’ them) will make a great contrast in your collection.


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