How To Take Care Of Your Soursop

How To Take Care Of Your Soursop

Soursop is the fruit of the Annona muricata, a broadleaved, flowering, evergreen fruit tree native to tropical regions of the Americas and the Caribbean. Also known as graviola, guyabano or guanabana, it is a member of the Annonaceae (Custard Apple) family.

Its somewhat unpleasant sounding name belies the flavour of its fruit which has been described as a blend of pineapple, mango, banana, coconut and even a hint of strawberry! Ideal for making smoothies, ice cream, cold drinks and even jam, the fruit is high in Vitamin C, an antioxidant known to boost immune health, although there can be drawbacks in eating or drinking too much as the compounds in the fruit may affect medications for blood pressure or blood sugar levels.

Outdoors, the tree can grow quite large, but with its broad oval leaves and oval, spiny, green-skinned fruit, it will turn any space into a ‘tropical getaway.’

How much light does your Soursop need?

Outdoors, they like bright but sheltered sunlight; indoors or in the glasshouse, they thrive in a warm, shaded sunlit and humid environment. Keep shaded from wind, draughts or extremes of cold.

What type of soil does your Soursop need?

A well-drained fertile soil, rich in organic matter is ideal. Outdoors, similar but plant in deep soil and include sand, compost and even mulch. Basically, Soursop like similar growing conditions to the Cherimoya.

What temperature is best for your Soursop?

Indoors, they prefer a warm, relatively moist environment, but especially in Winter, watch that your heat-pump doesn’t dry out their leaves. If outdoors or in a container on the porch, protect against frosts and extremes of cold (below 12C)

How much water does your Soursop need?

They love water, so make sure they get plenty of it in Summer and an occasional mist-spray of the leaves will be beneficial. Watering can be cut right down in Winter.

What is the best fertilizer for your Soursop?

Soursops are hungry for nutrients, so before adding fertiliser, loosen the surrounding top layer of soil and pour in your diluted liquid fertiliser, so that the roots can more easily utilise the nutrients and moisture. In Summer this can be done every 1-2 weeks.

General Care Tips for your Soursop.

Your Soursop can be grown indoors for the first couple of years, before moving it outdoors as it gets hardier. With adequate light, feeding, moisture and protection from extremes (especially frosts) it should reward you by producing fruit in 2-4 years (longer in a pot remaining indoors).

Re-potting should be done in Spring/early Summer to a pot quite a bit larger so that the rootball can spread and settle in. An all-round insecticidal spray will suffice for most insect pest problems.

The Green Grower’s Rating is:

The Green Grower has many fruit trees for sale.  Wherever you decide is the best place for your Soursop, you won’t be disappointed with the genuinely tropical look it will provide. You will enjoy deciding on the best use of its fruit and therefore the flexibility owning such a plant will add to your collection and home environment.

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