In they came - regardless of a drizzly, cool, grey sky, early morning Rugby World Cup kick-offs, the start of Daylight Saving and some uncertainty over the state of the economy – to the opening weekend of The Green Grower’s brand new Shop!

Months of careful planning had come to fruition and the ‘rustic’ looking setting for The Green Grower. A big variety of tropical houseplants, outdoor and landscaping plants and fruit trees, complete with appropriate music wafting through the leaves and branches made it a memorable affair.

The Green Grower’s Shop at 24 Upper Orewa Road in Wainui, is now open Thursday to Sunday 10am-4pm, with new stock on display regularly. Pay by Card or Cash, we can offer friendly and practical advice as well as a few other features we hope you and your family will enjoy. We are ‘Dog Friendly,’ have exotic Finches on display as well as a relaxing Fishpond.

Comments from our Opening Shop Weekend included:

‘I love the rustic, natural look.’

‘Wow, it’s so good to see such a range of tropical and semi-tropical plants; I’m definitely coming back as for once, I am going to buy early for Christmas!’

‘Love the Woof Water Station!’

So if you are in Spring or Summer mode, if you want to treat yourself or buy a special gift for your someone ‘special,’ or also want to think ‘early for Christmas,’ check out our website and come and visit us!