5 Unique Fruit Tree Varieties To Grow In Your Backyard

5 Unique Fruit Tree Varieties To Grow In Your Backyard

Growing unique fruit tree varieties can be a rewarding and fascinating endeavour for anyone. These distinct varieties offer a range of benefits that go beyond the ordinary, providing both practical advantages and a sense of excitement for gardeners and fruit enthusiasts. The Green Grower has a unique selection of fruit trees for sale to begin your fruit adventure today, from Dwarf fruit trees, Mango trees, to White Sapote trees!


  1. Mango Tree (Tommy Atkins)
Mango trees are a fan favourite fruit tree due to the combination of flavour, versatility, nutritional benefits, and global appeal. The anticipation of the annual mango harvest is a cherished event in many communities, solidifying the tree’s status as a beloved and iconic fruit-bearing plant.
Tommy Atkin Mangoes, originating from Florida, USA, is a popular cultivar known for its adaptability, robustness, and extended shelf life. It has a sweet, tropical flavour and a firm, giverless flesh, making it versatile for a range of culinary applications. Choosing to grow Tommy Atkins mangoes is advantageous due to their hardiness and high-quality fruit. Their resilience makes them suitable for various cultivation environments, ensuring a reliable harvest.
Opting to grow mango trees, and in particular the Tommy Atkins variety, offers a reliable and appealing choice for home gardeners seeking a low-maintenance yet productive fruit tree.

  1. Ice Cream Bean (Inga Bean)
Growing an Inga Edulis Bean Tree, more commonly known as the Ice Cream Bean, is enticing for several reasons. This tropical tree, native to South America, produces large, sweet pods with a cotton candy-like pulp, while also enriching the soil through nitrogen fixation, benefitting the surrounding plants.
The Ice Cream Bean tree’s rapid growth and dense foliage makes it an excellent choice for fruit tree lovers as it provides shade within your backyard. The Ice Cream Bean is resilient, thriving in diverse climates. Its multifunctional nature, combining tasty fruit production with soil-enhancing qualities, makes it an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice for anyone, promoting biodiversity and supporting local ecosystems.
In a backyard setting, the Ice Cream Bean tree stands out for its fragrant flowers. Beyond aesthetics, its tasty fruit offers a nutritious treat, appealing to both adults and children and contributes to the culinary delights of the household.

  1. Dragon Fruit (Pitaya)
Dragon Fruit, also known as Pitaya, are a rewarding choice of fruit trees to grow, for various reasons. Firstly, these exotic cacti produce vibrant, dragon-like fruits that are known for their sweet, mildly tangy flavour and striking appearance. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fibre, promoting a healthy diet.
Dragon fruit trees are well-suited for home gardens as they require minimal maintenance and adapt well to potted environments. Beyond the nutritional benefits, the nocturnal blooming of their large, fragrant flowers will add a visually stunning and enchanting element to one’s backyard, fostering a sense of both picturesque and culinary delight.
Dragon fruit trees come in a wide range of colours, including pink, red, and yellow. Here at The Green Grower, we are currently selling the yellow Dragon fruit, scientifically known as Hylocereus Megalanthus. The skin is a beautiful bright yellow colour that looks aesthetically pleasing in any garden. Plus, this variety of Dragon fruit self pollinates, unlike other varieties that need hand pollution - making it the perfect, low-maintenance fruit tree. 
Free Dragon Fruit Fruits photo and picture
  1. Jackfruit
Native to Southern India, and also known as the Jack Tree, the Jackfruit is the largest fruit of any tree in the world! This fruit often reaches an astonishing 40 kg in weight. This fruit tree will not only provide you with a good workout at harvesting time, your body will thank you for the amount of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants the fruit gives you.
The taste of a Jackfruit has a subtly sweet flavour, often referred to as a delightful combo of mangoes, pineapple, apples and bananas. Some people even say they can detect a bubble-gum like taste! The Jackfruit is a popular fruit to snack on, however, it has also gained popularity in a range of homemade dishes such as curries and desserts. This fruit is so versatile, no wonder it is rapidly gaining in popularity in New Zealand.
If you are planning on growing this fruit tree in New Zealand, it is more suited to the northern parts of the North Island (temperature range 5-30ºC). It is a fairly robust fruit tree, but it does not like frosts. At The Green Grower, we are selling the Jackfruit Golden Nugget (Artocarpus Heterophyllus) species, which can be grown indoors in cooler areas, to harden up before planting outside. The Golden Nugget is a fast growing tree in the Jackfruit family, and is considered a dwarfing variety.

  1. White Sapote Tree 
The White Sapote fruit tree (Casimiroa Edulis) is a tropical and subtropical fruit tree loved for its creamy, custard-like fruit. Native to Mexico and South America, this fruit tree will thrive in warm climates with well-draining soil that has been watered deeply due to its roots. This evergreen tree features dark green foliage, creating an attractive landscape addition to your home garden.
The fruit tree will produce orange sized fruit that has a sweet, mild flavour that is reminiscent of peaches and citrus, making it a delectable treat. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this underappreciated fruit is not only a culinary delight but also offers nutritional benefits. This fruit tree will provide shade and has a rough trunk and glossy leaves on dropping branches. 
When this tree is young, provide a stake and ensure you protect it from winds. The White Sapote fruit tree should be covered in colder months as it only tolerates very light frosts. 
Ultimately, embarking on the journey of cultivating unique fruit tree varieties offers an array of flavours, textures, and visual delights for gardeners and fruit enthusiasts alike. From the beloved Tommy Atkins Mango, with its global allure, to the enchanting Ice Cream Bean, enriching both soil and senses, and the exotic Dragon Fruit, blending nutritional benefits with nocturnal allure. The Jackfruit, a versatile giant, and the creamy White Sapote Tree contribute their unique charms. The Green Grower provides a gateway for you to this fruity adventure. With each fruit tree offering a distinctive experience, growing these varieties provides not just a harvest, but a flavourful and fulfilling journey into the world of growing unique fruit trees. 
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