How To Take Care Of Your Banana Tree

How To Take Care Of Your Banana Tree

There are a number of types of Banana trees and The Green Grower has two ideal varieties; Musa Dwarf Cavendish and Musa aeae (variegated banana.) Cavendish is compact and ideal for indoors or small spaces, while the variegated leaves on Musa aeae make it attractive in any location.

Exposure to sunlight and plenty of water in the warmer months will help bring on the fruit, but they are not resilient when it comes to cold weather, so this restricts where they can grow outdoors in New Zealand.

How much light does your Banana tree need?

They will generally accept any light conditions from part shade to full sun, but as with any fruiting tree, enough sunlight is essential for development and growth. A north facing filtered light position or window is ideal if kept indoors, while a sheltered, relatively sunny spot is best for outdoors.

What type of soil does your Banana tree need?

A fertile, loamy soil mix with some perlite and orchid bark is ideal. Well-draining but moist, organic soil for outdoor or patio situations is ideal.

What temperature is best for your Banana tree?

Whether indoors or out, Bananas must have warm, humid conditions all year around. Temperatures should never fall below 10C; this is fine if they can be moved to a sheltered patio or conservatory situation while they are young and more tender, but since they can grow quickly and quite tall, this is not always feasible.

How much water does your Banana tree need?

Lots, especially in Summer! Their large leaf surface allows a lot of transpiration to take place, so in late Spring and throughout Summer, ensure the soil remains quite moist. Indoors in particular, cut right back in Winter to prevent root rot or rotting at the base of the plant.

What is the best fertiliser for your Banana tree?

Indoors, their large leaves form rapidly in the growing season, so feed a general garden-houseplant fertiliser. Outdoors, a good organic mix is best, but ensure any compost is well decomposed; it should be dark brown or black and crumbly with an earthy smell.

General Care Tips for your Banana tree.

The root system is quite vigorous, so young plants (‘pups’) will need re-potting into their own larger pots reasonably frequently. Ensure air movement to avoid powdery mildew, with Neem oil the best to sort out pests like aphids and spider mite

The Green Grower’s Rating of the Banana tree.

Whilst our stocks are grown in and acclimatised to NZ conditions, they are not hardy enough for many colder areas around the country. Leaves are surprisingly delicate. However, if kept warm, sheltered and exposed to adequate sunlight, Banana trees look great and will reward you with a look of exotic tropicana and delicious fruit.

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