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Continuous Plant Mister

Continuous Plant Mister

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Discover the epitome of misting convenience with our Continuous Plant Mister, designed precisely for plant propagation endeavors. Experience a consistent spray duration of 2-3 seconds, delivering a superbly fine and uniform mist sans any aerosol involvement.

This isn't just another plant mister; it's a game-changer! Our Mist Dispenser showcases a continuous, ultra-fine mist release in a non-pressurized bottle, saying goodbye to oversized water droplets.


  • 500mm volume
  • Made of plastic, BPA free

Quality Assurance

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We go the extra mile to ensure your mister arrives in perfect condition! Our expert team takes pride in heavy packaging techniques, providing maximum protection during transit. We partner with trusted couriers for speedy delivery within just a few days. Trust us to safeguard your mister as it journeys to its new home. Experience worry-free shipping with us!

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